Meeting Minutes 10/28/2009


Agenda for Regular Meeting

October 28, 2009

Come to Order – 7:10 PM

Review Agenda — Ian conducted a brief review of the agenda.

Introductions were conducted around the table 8 attendees

Presidents Report —

Legislative Report —

  1. State of state issues:
    • Target Zero – This is a project for Washington State setting a goal of zero traffic fatalities or serious injuries by 2030.  The input from the motorcycle community was well received. Motorcyclist injuries are going up while all other modes of transportation are going down.  The distracted driver is high interest for this year.
    • Cell phone usage will continue as a major problem again this year.
    • Larry will be attending the next GMAP meeting.
    Larry attended an ABATE legislation meeting in Cle Elm.  Their three major issues for 2010 will be:
    • Anti profiling bill
    • Helmet bill with Mandatory insurance
    • Decrease tolls on Narrows Bridge.
  1. Motorcycle Safety — Deferred to the Secretaries report.
  1. Federal issues
    Distracted driving

Secretary’s report – Reviewed last month’s minutes.  They accepted.

Treasurer’s report – Bills are paid and solvent.

Old Business

  1. 2009 International Motorcycle Show
    • Good too remind old members to renew dues and to enroll new members.
    • Ian will haul goodies to the show with his truck.   We need help to facilitate the WRRA booth at the show.  Too often people get stuck with no relief.
  1. MC program — Carl briefed the status of WMSP and his decision not to return.
  1. We need to set a meeting date for November to get away from Thanksgiving.
    New Business — Rolf asked about having a flag for the meeting and ultimately volunteered to provide one.
    Good of the order — No further business

Adjourn   7:50 PM

Next meeting 11/30/2009.

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