WRRA Meeting minutes 9/30/2009


Meeting September 30, 2009

Call to Order at 7:10 PM with 11 attendees present.

Ian made general introductory comments.

Review Agenda: a brief review of the agenda was conducted with an inquiry for any additional items to be added.

Self introductions were conducted of al present.

Presidents Report:  Ian reported that he had attended a Seattle mayoral debate.  He brought up the subject of motorcycle parking. After the debate Ian had an opportunity for a brief discussion with Mr. McGinn, however Mr. Mallahan simply said “hi” and walked away.

The Rock is donating the meeting room to WRRA meetings for the next 8 months.

Legislative report:

  • Update: Motorcycle Safety — Steve Stewart has stepped down for personal reasons.
  • Concerns about who would get hired to fill the Managers position.
    • Riders Edge pilot is coming to an end. The current contract is being modified to carry through the end of the year. A new contract and new Policies must be developed. This will open the training market for more providers.
    • The program has Issues with the quality of training on the east side of the state.
    • Contracts and policies are being worked to allow any company to conduct total non-sub classes.
    • A brief discussion was held about the requirements’ for instructors and chief instructors.
    • Larry has been invited to sit on the Governors “Target Zero” committee.
  • State of State issues – attended Representative Norm Dicks town hall meeting and brought up HIPA to the Representative.  A concern was expressed to Rep. Dicks about health care for motorcyclist.
  • Federal issues —
    Nothing carried over from the last session.
    Budget crunch again.

Secretary’s report — Moved and passed with amendments from Larry.

Treasurer’s report — The organization is paid and solvent.

  • A question was asked about paying the MRF dues.  Lloyd assured that they have been paid.

Old business —

  • MRF Meeting of the Minds 25th anniversary.  Spent a lot of time discussing history and recognizing old timers.  Many good presentations in between honoring the long time contributors.

New Business —

  • 2009 International Motorcycle Show – We are welcome back again.  The sign up package is being mailed to Ian.
  • John volunteered to be the point of contact for the show.  He will be given access to the RR web site.
  • Need volunteers for the show.

Position opening – Director of Marketing — IAN will put something out on the mailing list recruiting for this position.

Vice President – This position is necessary to have someone to step up when Ian is not available for what ever reason.  Rolf has volunteered and was elected.

We need a technical person to clean up the organizations web site and up date it.  No restrictions on the program used for the site.   Mike Davis volunteered to take on the responsibility.

Good of the Order – Best of the West is next.   Meeting of the Minds is in Peoria.

Adjourned at 8:10 PM

Next meeting October 28th.

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