Alert: HB 2617 Eliminating Boards and Committees

The omnibus bill to eliminate boards and commissions has been introduced in the house. (It is HB 2617). Section 151 eliminates the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board and Section 157 eliminates the Nonhighway and Off-Road Vehicle Activities Advisory Committee.

I am currently working on getting in with the committee chair which will consider the bill, along with the members of the committee.  I will get the talking points to everyone this evening, but riders are advised to get ready to call their legislators.

Texas Larry Walker
WRRA Government Relations.

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  • Ralph Wessels


    I am a member of WRRA and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. The cell phone bill below is one of joint interest for both groups that you may want to pass along to other WRRA members.



    The Bicycle Alliance is a member of the Driven to Distraction Task Force. We are thrilled that Senate Bill 6345 is close to becoming law! Below is a message from the task force:
    The Washington state legislative session ends in 8 days, and we need your help in our final push for Senate Bill 6345. With your help, handheld cell phone use and texting while driving will become primary offenses in 2010!

    PEMCO just released a poll revealing the number of WA drivers using handheld devices illegally has more than doubled over the past 20 months, and texting while driving has skyrocketed even higher.

    What we urgently need from you over the next few days to help curb this alarming trend:

    1. Take a few minutes to e-mail your representative using the online link below, even if you’ve done it before. To find out who your representative is and how to contact them, click here:

    2. Forward the e-mail/action link below to as MANY people as you can that live in Washington and ask them to contact their representative in support.

    SSB 6345 soon will go to the full House floor for a vote, and every e-mail and phone call to legislators in support of this bill will help. If you or your colleagues hear back from a House representative, please forward any responses to
    Thanks for making our roads safer for everyone!
    Dave Janis, Policy Director
    206.224.9252 Ext. 303