Better, Faster, Stronger, Newsletters.

WRRA’s new website and email system are humming along nicely.  Now it’s time to introduce some new features for your email reading pleasure.

If you were subscribed to the old email newsletter you should be subscribed to the new version as well.

The new default format is an excerpt of the post and a link to view the full post on the website. It’s light on your inbox and speedy to send. But you have options… You can now select to receive full text of each post in either plain text or spiffy HTML.

You can begin by following this link and registering.

(Or click on the Register button over there in the upper right hand corner of the web page.)

Sign up using the email address you’d like to use to receive the newsletter.

registration form

Register for the WRRA website and the newsletter.

In just a few minutes you’ll get an email from WRRA with a temporary password. Click on the link in the email and log in to

On the profile page you can give yourself a nickname and provide a little info that will appear when you comment on posts. You can also change your password at the bottom of the profile page if you’d like.

To manage your newsletter subscriptions click on Subscriptions in the left hand column.

Select the format and categories that you'd like to subscribe to.

Select the format and categories that you'd like to subscribe to.

Choose your preferred format by clicking on one of the buttons. You can add or subtract categories by clicking on the check boxes.

Just FYI the “Sticky” category is added to posts that we want to stay on our front page. But you don’t really care about that.

Click Update Preferences and you’ll soon be getting just the news you want, just the way you want it.

On the other hand if you’re just ducky with the way things are now. We’re good with that too. No need to do anything.

Problems, solutions, comments, and other remarks to

Lara H.

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