About this evening's meeting

Hello all,

Unfortunately, I won’t be at this evening’s meeting.  Sorry, family comes first – in this case, my daughter’s Girl Scout bridging ceremony.  But there’s some important work to finish up, so I hope you will be there.

Firstly: we authorized a fund to sponsor a member to attend MRF Best of the West, happening next month in Boise, Idaho.  This is open to WRRA members who have not attended an MRF conference in the past.  Why the condition?  Those of us who have attended MRF conferences in the past have found that the networking and collaboration with advocates from across the country has kicked up our own involvement to the next level – and we want to share that experience with someone new.  We’re still waiting for that volunteer to drop a note in our mailboxes….

By the way, if you recommend the person we sponsor, we have a “special gift” for you: we will pay your conference registration fee, as sort of a “finder’s fee.”  This is especially helpful since MRF discontinued their ‘organizational’ sign-up (in the past, WRRA paid that and any member could attend under our banner).  I can’t blame them: since we co-sponsored Best of the West, I gained a real appreciation for how much it costs to do this!

The other primary task for the evening is a review of the draft by-laws, a great work product by Pete Chartrand, Rolf Vitous and others.  Pete pointed out a few months ago that we really should have some definition of some of our policies and processes, and he’s right.  I appreciate his willingness to take on this task.

Sorry I won’t be there, but I know the work is in good hands.  I hope to see you soon at a WRRA-called Ride To Eat!  Watch this space for more information, soon….

Ride well, ride long, ride safe — Ian

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