Unprecedented Times

I was perusing the course offerings from various motorcycle training organizations in Washington a few days ago to see what was available for you, the riders of Washington State. I know all about the general Motorcycle Safety Foundation offerings [Basic Rider Course™, along with intermediate and experienced versions] as approved by the Department of Licensing under the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program [WMSP]. What I was amazed with is the sheer number of different classes and the great opportunities out there to take our riding skills past the BRC™ offered throughout the state. There are no less than 12 different classes/curriculums available with a couple new ones that should show up in the near future.

There is the BRC™ as mentioned earlier, with several places offering some version of a pre-BRC™ intro class to see if riding is something the attendee really wants to do. A few places offer a version of an additional riding course for those folks who wish to practice what they’ve learned in the BRC™ to refresh themselves before hitting the roadways. There is an intermediate version of the BRC™ that folks with some experience can take to qualify for a license testing waiver, along with an experienced course done on the students’ own bike (this also may qualify for the testing waiver).

Several of the above courses have been around in some version for many years. What we’re seeing as new is all the other training that is showing up. Basic dirt bike training has been available for a few years now. To compliment that there are now intermediate and advanced trail classes, including several day ‘riding camps’ that help participants refine the skills they have. We have also 3-wheeled training available, in novice and advanced forms to accommodate those who choose to ride trikes or sidecars.

Several companies are now offering more advanced closed course offerings that can take the average street rider as far as they want to go in increasing their skills. There courses are offered in controlled parking lots like the Total Control™ class and the new advanced version of the experienced course is now also being taught at a few sites around the state. You can also find closed private roads (e.g. Maryhill Loops Road), and the tracks (Pacific Raceways and Spokane County Raceway) with advanced training being held. These aren’t racer schools either, but advanced training courses meant to achieve greater proficiency in riding using higher speeds more realistic to the street without having to deal with traffic and still allowing for repetition of exercises.

Now add in the future offerings of on-road training currently in development by several companies and you can see that things have never been better than they are now. To recap, I’ve provided a list of many of the above mentioned classes in no particular order. If you do a search on the web you can find something nearby that may interest you.

Rolf Vitous
Vice President
Washington Road Riders Assn

• JumpStart or KickStart class
• Basic Rider Course™
• Additional Rider Course
• Intermediate Rider Training
• Experienced Rider Course
• Advanced Experienced Rider Course
• Sidecar/Trike Education Program©
• Lee Parks Total Control™ Training
• Advanced Street Skills
• MSF™ DirtBike School
• Basic and Advanced Trail Training
• Maryhill Advanced Rider Training
• Adventure Camp
• On-Street Course
• Basic & Advanced Trail Training
• Beginning street/ performance track schools through 2Fast and Mike Sullivan

1 comment to Unprecedented Times

  • Carl Spurgeon

    This provides a lot of fun stuff but how much of it attempts to improve the Thinking side of riding? If riders “THOUGHT” about what they were doing many if not most crashes could be avoided. Fun go-faster stuff only encourages them to crash faster.