Elections are coming!

Hey, campers, it’s that time of year again.  Unless you have been completely off the planet or living in a cave I don’t have to tell you that we are entering the final weeks before the general election.  There are a lot of open seats in play in the state legislature, which means there are going to be quite a few new faces when they go into session next January.  This means that we have to get busy now educating the contenders on our issues, and continue the dialogue with the victors after Election Day.

So what do we do now?  Easy, find out who the candidates are in your district and locate them.  Check the Secretary of State web site and find out how to contact them and then make the connection.  Check these people out and see how they stack up on the issues that are near and dear to motorcyclists.  Make sure that you get beyond the one-liners and sound bites to really get to the meat of the issue.  Finally, get me some sort of feedback, positive or negative.

For the purpose of me doing my job as your Government Relations Specialist, the only thing I am concerned about is how the candidates stand on motorcycling issues.  All of the other issues are secondary to me; it could be nice to know but not salient to the question of how a candidate will behave towards the riding community.  If we have good intelligence going into the session it will make my life quite a bit easier when the rubber hits the road.

Ride Safely and Legislate Well

“Texas” Larry Walker

BTW:  As a side bar note, on the 26th I will be heading out to a yet to be determined location (13:00 arrival) to grab some grub.  Anyone who wishes to go for a ride is welcome to join me (on your dime) for food and conversation.  This is what is known in the distant riding world as a “ride to eat.”  Watch this space for further updates.  LLW

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