Ride To Eat

Well, campers, earlier this week I hinted around about taking a ride simply to feed my face. Well, here is the scoop: This Sunday I plan on arriving at the El Ranchon restaurant in Elma, Wa at 13:00. Anyone who wants to join in the festivities just hop on the scooter, plot your route, and come on by. We can graze, talk politics, tell road stories, make pans for the upcoming legislative session, etc. as much as we like.

This is what is referred to in the distance riding world as a “ride to eat,” and is the closest thing to an organized riding event that you will see from the WRRA. Somebody announces a destination and a time and people just show up.

Hope to see y’all there. Just look for a bright red, bug covered Moto Guzzi Norge out front and a gray furry Texan inside enjoying some great food.

Until then,

Ride safely and legislate well.

“Texas” Larry Walker

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