A new season, and a new date

Hello, everyone!  I hope you managed to dodge raindrops and such and get out for some rides this summer.  Fall is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about once again engaging with our elected representatives – whoever they may be after this November!

While you’ve been riding (well, so did we), the Board has been talking about the nuts and bolts of the organization.  While our Wednesday meetings have been more popular than the Sunday ones, we’ve also learned that the last week of the month is pretty much guaranteed to run afoul of holidays and such.  Sooooo….

We would like to move the regular monthly meeting to the second Wednesday of the month.  Our generous hosts at The Rock Wood Fired Pizze are fine with that, so our first get-together of the season will be October 13, 2010, at 7PM.  Same time, same place, just a couple of weeks earlier.  The November meeting will be on the 10th, and so on and so forth.

We also talked about maybe doing something a little special for the December meeting, which is the 8th.  I would welcome an informal digital ‘show of hands’ as to whether folks would be available – just drop me a note.

I hope to see you on October 13!  — Ian

2 comments to A new season, and a new date

  • Carl Spurgeon


    I’m in for December


  • Rolf Gabbe

    Unfortunately, as long as the meetings are in Lynnwood and in the evenings, I won’t be there. Just too far and too much traffic.

    I realize there’s probably no solution that satisfies everyone, but since there now are several Rock Wood Fired Pizza places around the region, what’s the possibility of having alternate meetings north and south in alternate months to spread the travelling around a bit?