Regular meeting this Wednesday, October 13

I’m sending this on Douglas Adams Day: 10/10/10.  For those of you not as geeky as I, the binary numbers 101010 equal the decimal value 42 – and we all know what that means, right?  If that went by you, run – don’t walk – to your nearest bookseller and obtain a copy of the fabulously misnumbered “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” trilogy.  Don’t forget your towel.

In other news, I’m writing to remind you that we have a regular meeting coming up this Wednesday, October 13, 7:00 PM at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza in Lynnwood.  I had a tasty lunch there today and, just in case, confirmed that the meeting room is ours.  Let’s pack it!

While there aren’t any loaded guns trained on the motorcycle community at this point (although in this political climate, that could change at the drop of a do-rag), I think we have some interesting opportunities ahead of us.  In particular, I think we can take advantage of our street cred in the Capitol to start being proactive on issues with the transportation community.  I can see us being prime movers on issues about transportation strategy such as capacity and safety.  Being ‘on the ground’ as we are, we have a unique perspective on transportation and can offer some meaningful alternatives to a system that is groaning under the weight of excess use.  Maybe we need to take a good look at how we can help as intelligent and responsible stakeholders in the transportation world.

And if you have something you’d like to talk about, please drop me a line so I can be sure it’s on the agenda for the meeting.  Of course, if you just show up, we’ll fit you in anyway.  Regular meetings are open to all members and their guests.

I hope to see you there!  — Ian

3 comments to Regular meeting this Wednesday, October 13

  • quiet

    The loaded guns are a national helmet law and nhtsa motorcycle only checkpoints along with California motorcycle only noise ordinance,which has already bean signed off by another actor. Quiet GJMC

  • Carl Spurgeon

    See ya’ll tomorrow

  • DazzlnDave

    I agree,,,we need to focus on any type of action regarding traffic laws that focus soley on motorcyclists,,,that is singling out one class of people,,which as we all know is against the constitution…..they already have DUI emphasis patrols,,,to organize an emphasis patrol strictly for motorcyclists is wrong,,,,they already safety patrols,,,,so ditto the above for safety patrols/stops.