Seattle International Motorcycle Show: the game’s afoot!

Hello all,

We have before us the upcoming Seattle International Motorcycle Show, the weekend of December 10-12.  This has always been a major event for us, in many ways: contact with the motorcycling public, new and renewal memberships, and visibility for an organization that read the fine print in the Constitution and exercises its rights thereunder.

But it doesn’t work without you.

We need people to volunteer for shifts of no less than four hours, between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.  (There are breaks.)  You get several things out of this, including free admission to the show, the opportunity to talk about your favorite topic – motorcycles! – and a chance to make a difference with people who don’t know just how important it is to be part of the solution.  We all get something out of this: a strong voice in Olympia and Washington.

People say to me that, gee, Ian, I don’t have any experience with public speaking.  Hey, we’re not going to ask you to stand up on stage and bare your soul.  What’s involved is talking one-on-one with other motorcyclists about our favorite topic: riding!  WRRA has made a difference for you, or you probably wouldn’t be a member.  Why is our work important to you?  That’s what our booth visitors need to hear.  Larry or I can talk at them all day, but you can probably make more of a difference in five minutes.

Please email me at with your availability for this weekend.  Be warned that if you wait too long we may fill up, or the time that works for you may already have a passel of folks.  Be further warned that if you do sign up you will probably have WAY too much fun and we’ll have to hose you down at the end of the day.

We can’t do this – all of this – without you.  Thanks — Ian

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