Regular meeting: December 8 - a party?

Hello, all!

We had hoped to make this upcoming meeting more of a party – but frankly, I’ve heard from few members who have expressed interest.  But I’m going to put it out there anyway.  Our meeting place, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza in Lynnwood, is family friendly.  We have a large space to ourselves, thanks to the generosity of The Rock.  Let’s take advantage of it!

I will keep the business portion of the meeting to a minimum and, in any case, that doesn’t stop you from ordering – and eating – some really good pizza.  The Rock also serves various soft drinks, as well as “grown up” drinks that we will, of course, consume with responsibility.  If enough families with children show up, we may have to have a “draw the coolest motorcycle” contest.  Larry, you’re not eligible to play.

One business thing we need to discuss is the upcoming Seattle International Motorcycle Show.  We have some volunteers for the booth, but not enough for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday event that is our biggest membership draw of the year.  Sign up for a four-hour shift and you can spend the rest of the day wandering the show, impressing the [insert appropriate gender] with your booth badge and checking out all the newest two-wheeled porn the industry has to offer….

Please email me directly at if you can be available to work the booth at the show.  It really is all about YOU, and the story you can tell about why you care about our rights as riders.

And I hope to see you next Wednesday!  The Rock Wood Fired Pizza, Lynnwood, 7PM — Ian

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