Opening Morning

Dateline: January 10, 2011 07:55 AM

Well, campers, it’s day one and your evil minion is already on station here in Olympia.  Today’s adventure includes setting up appointments with all 21 freshman representatives.  I figure that it is best for them to get a chance to meet the actual people their decisions will affect before the agency wonks get to them; put a face on the issue, if you get my drift.

The one big change down here is that there is a massive capital construction project going on, including a complete renovation of JLOB.  This means that all of the members and staffers who would normally be inhabiting floors 2-4 have been moved to modular buildings or into the area where we used to drink coffee in Pritchard.  Keep that in mind next week when you come down for Black Thursday.  (That was a less than subtle hint.)

I will get a report out this evening when I get off of the hill.

Ride safely and Legislate Well,

“Texas” Larry

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