Black Thursday Final Listings

Well, folks, Black Thursday is upon us.

Here is the listing of all of the bills that are in play at this time.  If you want the long story or my loquacious take on any of this look back at the week in review.  If not, just follow the links for the bills themselves and give them a read so that you are up to speed when you are meeting with your reps on Thursday.

SB 5141 Limiting the issuance of motorcycle instruction permits.

SB 5242 Addressing motorcycle profiling.

SB 5063 Concerning special license plates for motorcycles.

HB 1328 Authorizing the temporary local suspension of certain motorcycle provisions for the operation of motorcycles in parades or public demonstrations.

HB 1333 Addressing motorcycle profiling.

SB 5185 Temporarily suspending certain motorcycle rules when operating in parades or public demonstrations.

SB 5027 Requiring motorcycle manufacturers to indicate whether a motorcycle is for off-road use only.

SB 5141SB 5063SB 5027SB 5185 are all scheduled for hearings in Senate Transportation Thursday at 15:30.

I have a fairly full schedule, but within my time constraints I will be happy to go in with you if you are feeling a bit shaky about the whole legislative meeting thing.  Ian will also be in town if I am not available.  Just give me a shout on my leash (360-271-9285) or for you smart phone addicts.

Until then,

Ride safely and legislate well.

Texas Larry

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