Legislative Update and Hearing Notice

Howdy, Happy Campers, we have some hearings coming up this week.

First off, the good old malfunctioning signal bill is back as HB 1527, and is being heard in House Transportation at 15:30 on February 8th.

The very next day, SB 5578 is being heard in Senate Transportation and HB 1543 is being heard in House Transportation.  Both hearings are scheduled to start at 15:30, so I will have to be on a flying run to get to both.  It will take a bit of coordination with the committee chairs, but things like this are done all the time.  Wish me luck.

And now for the rest of the news:

1.  SB 5141 has been introduced by Senator Rockefeller to require any person applying for a third motorcycle learner’s permit needs to provide proof of enrollment in a certified motorcycle training program prior to receiving their third, and last, permit.  This bill has been moved to the Senate floor calendar.  Representative Rolfes dropped HB 1543 as the companion bill in the house.

2.  SB 5578 has been introduced by Senator White to make it a requirement that the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Board meet quarterly.  Currently the criteria is open to interpretation, and with all of the attempts to cut expenditures across the board the schedule got dropped back to 5 meetings during a two year period

3.  ABATE of Washington is working legislation that would suspend helmet requirements for riders while participating in a parade.  Currently that authority lies with the Washington State Patrol (WSP).  The senate version, SB 5185 is sponsored by Senator Delvin and has been placed on the Senate floor calendar.  The house version, HB 1328 sponsored by Representative Van De Wege, was on heard recently in House transportation.

4.  ABATE of Washington is also developing language for a clean repeal/modification of the helmet law.  (Still no action)

5.  The Confederation of Clubs and ABATE of WA are working on bills pertaining to law enforcement profiling of motorcyclists.  HB 1333 and SB 5242 were both passed out of committee heard last week, but HB 1333 has been referred to the General Government Appropriations & Oversight committee.

6.  HB 1527 has been introduced by Representative Asay in the house to revisit the issue of traffic signals not detecting motorcycles.  Allows for motorcycles, after waiting for one full cycle of the lighting system without being detected, to proceed through the intersection, but only after exercising the same level of caution as would be used at a stop sign.

7.  SB 5027 Requiring motorcycle manufacturers to indicate whether a motorcycle is for off-road use only.  This is to correct the discrepancy where manufacturers market a motorcycle for off road use only, that does not meet federal motor vehicle safety standards, but do not indicate that information on the certificate of origin.  The bill was passed in Senate Transportation.

8.  SB 5063 Concerning special license plates for motorcycles.  This allows motorcyclists the same opportunity as the rest of the motoring public to purchase the various supporters specialty plates, such as disabled veteran, Purple Heart, or university mascot.  This bill has also passed in Senate Transportation.

It is a bit early in the session to start doing a mass calling to the members of the legislature, but that call will be coming, so get ready.  If you don’t know yet who your reps are, drop and give me 20, take 15 laps of the outfield, then hit this link.  (Poke the button)

Until then, Ride safely and legislate well,


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