Almost Half Way There

Top o’ the morning, Boys and Girls,

We have passed the first major hurdle in the legislative process with no real casualties.  Almost everything we were pursuing made it out of committee, in some form or another, with the exception of the traffic light bill  and helmet reform.  Neither of those was a huge surprise; the former did not have anyone really pressing for it and the latter will never, whether you agree or disagree, see the light of day during the current climate in Olympia.

There was even one sleeper that resulted from the hearings on SB 5027, a bill concerning the marking of off road use only motorcycles.  As a result, Senator King brought forward SB 5800 to allow a legal method to allow riders to convert their off road bikes into street legal ones.

Now comes the beginning of legislative “March Madness.”  The legislature has until 17:00 on the 7th to get everything out of house of origin.  The house and senate will be on the floor for the next week, shuffling and dealing until late in the night.  Then it will be frantic hearings to get the surviving bills heard in policy committees and moved out.

Now is when your representatives need to start hearing from their constituents about the bills they wish to see move forward.  (HINT!!!)  If you need to refresh your memory who your representatives are just click here.

I will get another report out as things get really heated up so that we can target any issues that may be stalling out.

Until then, Ride Safely and Legislate Well,

Texas Larry

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