Legislative Alert 3/22/11 (SSB 5800)

Break out the dialing fingers and call your representatives, especially if they sit on House Transportation.  SSB 5800, which will allow the legal conversion of off road only motorcycles to street legal, was heard today (3/22) in the transportation committee.  Now the members of the committee need to start hearing from their constituents asking that they move it out of the committee so that it can get to the floor of the house and be passed.

This bill would enable the owners of off road motorcycles to bring their bikes up to the same standard that road bikes meet so that they can be licensed for the road.  What this does is enable the riders to use the public roads from camp grounds and hotels to the trailheads and from trailhead to trailhead.  It is a boon to motorcycle vacationing for the entire family, and clears up a mess that developed as people registered their converted bikes in other states, brought them to Washington, and either were denied registration or had their registrations subsequently revoked.

We do not need to have everyone in the state call the committee, but if your representative sits on the committee make the call ASAP.  Deadlines are approaching, and we need to see some action.

To locate your representative follow this link.

Until next time, Ride safely and Legislate Well

“Texas” Larry

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