Legislative Update: Two down, three to go

The good news is that the House has been busy.  They have passed both SB 5242 (the profiling bill) and SB 5800 (the bill that allows for conversion of off road bikes to street legal), s they are headed to the Governor’s desk.  A real “shout out” to Double D and the members of the Confederation of Clubs.  They provided real leadership and perspective in the passage of the profiling bill.  Well done.

Now we need to get the phones lit up to get the Senate in motion.  Although our bills are not dead in the House, it looks like the most traction is in the Senate.  The parade bill (HB 1328) has been made eligible to be pulled to the floor, and both the bill setting the frequency of Advisory Board meetings into law (HB 1833) and the learners permit bill (HB 1543) need to be made eligible too.  Call your state senator ASAP and ask them to support moving all of these bills to the floor and passing them.  If your member is on the Rules Committee ask them to “pull” the bills.  If your state senator is not on Rules, ask them to speak to the committee on your behalf.

We are running out of time to get our stuff through before the operating, capital, and transportation budgets hit the floor and everything else takes a back seat.  If enough members hear from their constituents perhaps we can get some action, so get busy.

Until next time,

Ride Safely and Legislate Well

Texas Larry

BTW:  Don’t put off getting your tickets for the Bikers in the Ballpark event.  Just look at it as a non standard “Ride to Eat (RTE).  Putt to the park, gom down a (“healthy”) hot dog, catch a ball game, and generally hang out and talk motorcycles.  It don’t get no better than that.  ;-)

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