And the good news keeps on coming

Well, campers, as you already know, the Profiling Bill, with much pomp, ceremony, and State Senator Jim Hargrove in riding leathers, has been signed into law.  Due to having to visit that place that actually pays my bills, AKA my job, I was unable to attend the signing, but take a look at the coverage from the Spokesman-Review.  As an interesting outgrowth from the article I received a phone call from a local reporter.  It seems that he had heard of an unnamed member of law enforcement who was seriously concerned about the Governor being at a bill signing attended by members of the Bandidos MC.  Wanted to know why she was appearing with members of a “criminal organization.”  Talking about making the case for the bill.  I had a nice conversation with my new friend, covering everything from innocent until proven guilty, damning people for being different, and NHTSA motorcycle only “safety” checkpoints.  He seemed to have gained a better insight into the issue.

Now, for the rest of the news:

SB 5800 (the bill that allows for conversion of off road bikes to street legal) has passed and been delivered to the Governor.

HB 1328, the Parade Bill, after being amended, has passed the Senate.  The House has concurred with the amendment, so this bill is heading to the Governor’s desk.  The effect of the amendment is to add the language of SB 5063 to the bill, allowing motorcycles to have many of the same specialty plates that eh cagers have had, including Purple Heart, Veteran, and certain collegiate support plates.

SB 5141, the learners permit bill, has also cleared the House, with the Senate concurring with the house amendments.  What the House did to was to limit the number of learners permits to 3 over the space of 5 years.  A fairly equitable compromise, if you ask me.

HB 1833 and SB 5578 (making the meetings of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Board quarterly) both stalled and did not pass, but at least the message was delivered.  Currently meetings are being scheduled for quarterly, and there is always next year.

Until next time,

Ride safely and legislate well,


BTW:  See you at the ball park on May 22nd.

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