Legislative Action Alert

Well, day one is down, only 59 left to go.

HB 1527 (Representative Asay), the malfunctioning traffic signal bill is showing signs of life, but we need everyone to light up the phone lines. Each and every member of the house needs to hear the message loud and clear that the motorcycle community wants some legislative relief for the problem of traffic signals that do not detect us. Swamp the switchboards with calls to your representatives, asking for their support in getting a hearing and moving the traffic signal bill through the house.

Some talking points:

      1. The bill allows for motorcycles, after waiting for one full cycle of the lighting system without being detected, to proceed through the intersection, but only after exercising the same level of caution as would be used at a stop sign. A sane rider is not going to commit suicide by pulling out in front of traffic.
      2. No matter what State Patrol may say, there is already a precedent for allowing traffic through a red light. Can anyone say “right turn on red?”
      3. While there is a system whereby we can notify the cognizant authority after we have been stranded at a traffic light, that is after the fact. There is no legal method to safely get clear of a traffic signal that will not detect a motorcycle.  Hanging a right, followed by a U-turn, is unacceptable, and downright unsafe.

If you do not know who your representatives are (shame on you) poke this link. Then get on the phone and start calling. If the house gets a lot of traffic on the issue it will be more likely that they will move it forward.  Let’s make this happen.

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations and Junior Blogger



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