They’re Back

Top of the morning to you.

So, what are you doing today? In case you have been living under a rock, you can guess what I have on my plate. The legislature is going back into session for the 60 day session, so I am getting ready to head out for Olympia. I will be working on getting a couple of things from last session back in motion before things start getting too jammed up.

Here are the primary items on my plate this morning:

HB 1527 (Representative Asay) The malfunctioning traffic signal will revisit the issue of traffic signals not detecting motorcycles.  It allows for motorcycles, after waiting for one full cycle of the lighting system without being detected, to proceed through the intersection, but only after exercising the same level of caution as would be used at a stop sign.

I have already done some ground work on getting a hearing in House Transportation. The only real push back I have seen so far is from WSP, indicating that they will never sign off on allowing any motorist “running a red light.” Their position is more based on fear without any real data to back it up, and a bit off base, as there is already a precedent. Can anyone say “right turn on red?”

SB 5578  (The late Senator White) and HB 1833 (Representative Finn).  This makes it a requirement that the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Board meet quarterly.  Currently the criteria is open to interpretation, and with all of the attempts to cut expenditures across the board the schedule got dropped back to 5 meetings during a two year period.

As a side bar note, after the outcry from stakeholders and the urging of the advisory board, the DOL voluntarily restored the quarterly schedule.


Finally, there is a lot of confusion over the implementation of SSB 5800, the bill that allows a rider to convert a motorcycle listed as “off road use only” into a street legal motorcycle.  I will be working with Senator King (prime sponsor), the off road community, and agencies to address these issues.

Of course, further reports to follow.

Until then, Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations and Junior Blogger


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  • Doug Barritt

    Hey, Larry, with regard to proceeding through a “non-detecting” traffic light, I saw in the Seattle Times fairly recently that another state (I forget which) had passed similar legislation, allowing the M/C to proceed after one cycle of “non-recognition”. Legal precedent!