SB 6304 Action Alert

Well, campers, it’s time to light up the phone lines in Olympia.  SB 6304, the bill that puts motorcycles in the commute trip reduction act and strengthens our legal access to the HOV lanes, is eligible to be pulled to the floor.  The problem is that there are a whole bunch of bills that people want on the floor.  They move the stuff that gets the most traffic, so we have to up the pressure.  Call your senator’s office as soon as you get done reading this and ask them to go to the Rules Committee and ask them to pull 6304 to the floor and move it.

Here are some talking points:

Commute Trip Reduction:

Parking incentives will make motorcycle commuting more practical to users and infrastructure planners.

  1. Motorcycles exhibit a much smaller footprint in a commuting lane, and are more agile in operation, with the potential benefit of easing congestion by facilitating better traffic flow.  In urban “stop and go” driving situations the space utilized by one full sized car can be filled with 2-3 motorcycles.
  2. Dedicated parking areas for motorcycles will add to the overall security of the motorcycles by grouping them together.  (Safety in numbers)
  3. Has the possibility to free up real estate currently being expended on single bike per parking space.  With properly arranged and laid out parking areas, up to three motorcycles can be stored in the space normally allotted to a single vehicle.

HOV access:

By moving motorcycles from the main stream of high density rolling slowdowns to the more freely moving HOV lanes, the motorcycle operator has less exposure to encroachment and/or collision.

  1. By being in a steadily flowing stream as opposed to a “stop and go” stream rear exposure to inattentive drivers is seriously lessened.
  2. By being to the far side of the multi lane roadway the possibility of encroachment from suddenly merging traffic is minimized.  There becomes only one side to defend while proceeding through traffic, with the other side becoming an escape route.

The proposed language removes some of the vagueness from when motorcycles are allowed HOV lanes access.

Now, quit reading and start calling your state senator.  Offices may be staffed on Sunday, and the Senate will be back in session at 09:00 Monday morning.  Make sure that every senator’s voice mail box is full of traffic on 6304.

If you don’t know yet who your senator is, drop and give me 20, take 15 laps of the outfield, then hit this link.  (Poke the button)

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations and Junior Blogger

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