New legislative session upcoming

Well folks, we are approaching that time frame again where we cast a watchful eye over the folks in Olympia. Now that our voting is over, its time to get to know your legislators and if you have issues or concerns make them known to them. Drop in and say ‘hi’ and get some face time, its well worth it. Once you’ve done that, they may just remember you when you pop an email their way or hit their phones. In all ways it makes them aware that We, The People are indeed following along with what they may (or may not) be doing and that your voice counts.

We at the WRRA are looking into some points of interest to motorcyclists and motorists in general. We’ll be discussing some of those items this evening at our usual place and time.

7pm, The Rock Woodfired Pizza and Brewery in Lynnwood on 196th.

Hope to see some folks there



President WRRA

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