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Well, campers, we have made it through two days of the 105 day session, and things are starting to settle into some sort of routine.  There is still an inauguration of Governor Elect Inslee and the inaugural ball on Wednesday, but after that we should return to whatever normalcy that you can assign to a legislative session.

The biggest news is that there is a coalition majority in the Senate as opposed to the traditional majority party set up.  As a result there are two Co-Chairs for Senate Transportation, Senator Curtis King (R-14) and Senator Tracey Eide (D-30).  Since either Co-Chair can exercise veto power over nay bill being brought up for a hearing this could get very interesting.

We do have some bills in the works, and hopefully there will be one or more bill numbers.

Senator Christine Rolfes (D-23) is once again sponsoring our bill to include motorcycles into the Commute Trip Reduction Act.   It will not be into the Code Revisor’s office in time to be on the Thursday intro sheets with a bill number, but here is the language, which is taken from the proposed committee substitute from last year.

Senator King is sponsoring the malfunctioning traffic signal bill in the Senate, and I have brought Representative Luis Moscoso (D-1) on board to sponsor the bill in the House.  Hopefully the Senate version will be on the intro sheet for Thursday, but the house version may not make it to the sheet until Friday.  I have to pick up the draft Wednesday morning and make the rounds with it.  If neither gets out with a bill number I will ensure that the language gets to everyone before Black Thursday.

The helmet bill is being worked by Paul Arnold from ABATE of WA, but I do not know when it will hit the intro sheets.  I do know that it is a “clean” bill, allowing for adult freedom of choice at age 18.

I have not heard of many people with appointments, which concerns me, but if you do not have an appointment get to Olympia without one.  You can always meet with the legislative assistant, of possibly pull the member out of committee.

Finally, when you are meeting with your representatives please pay attention to any points that they may have in opposition to our issues and get that information back to me.  It will be excellent intelligence for what we might face in a committee hearing.

Until next time,

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

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  • John Lawson

    1/16/2013 @ 3:30 PM JAC Senate Rm 1 – Introduction of Senate Transportation Committee. All ABATE members present at that time will attend.

    John – LAO South King County Chapter