Legislative Update & Action Alert 3-2-13

Here is the latest from  Olympia.

We have passed the cutoff date for committees to move bills out.  Now the House and Senate will go into session almost exclusively from now until 17:00 on March 13th.  Then the respective chambers will begin work on the bills that have “come across” from the other side.

House Action

In the House there are three motorcycle bills that have been passed through from the Senate and sent to the Transportation Committee.

  • SB 5141 (Malfunctioning Traffic Signals)
  • SB 5142 (Putting motorcycles into the Commute Trip Reduction Act)
  • SB 5263 (Concerning Motorcycles Overtaking and Passing Pedestrians and Bicyclists)

I have already met with Representative Clibborn (D-41) on Wednesday concerning getting these bills on the hearing schedule as soon as the House begins to work on Senate bills.  She gave no indication that there would be any difficulty getting hearings, but no promises were made.

Immediate Action Alert

HB 1238 (Malfunctioning Traffic Signals) is not dead, but it is fast approaching being on life support.  We are working hard to get a “Rules pull” to the floor for action, but things are beginning to stack up.  All riders need to contact their representatives and ensure that they are fully aware of the issue and press for them to ask the members of the Rules committee to move the bill to the floor.  This needs to happen as soon as possible.

Senate Action

HB 1334 (Concerning Conversion Kits on Motorcycles) has passed the House and been sent to Senate Transportation.  I have already briefed staff for both Co-Chairs asking for an early hearing for this bill and for HB 1238 (Malfunctioning Traffic Signals) if it gets out of the House.  I will continue to keep the lines of communication open as we approach committee scheduling for the 14th and beyond.

Action Needed

Now, drop the mouse and get on the phone to contact your representatives.  We need the switchboards to light up pushing to get HB 1238 (Malfunctioning Traffic Signals) onto the floor and passed.

We need to get this done on as soon as possible.

If you don’t know yet who your representatives are, follow this link.

Until next time,

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations and Junior Blogger

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