Good News For All

On Monday, 4/22 Governor Inslee will be signing SB 5142 (Motorcycles in Transportation Planning) and SSB 5274 (private motorcycle skills education programs, aka. HD bill).

This is good news because motorcycles and their useage can be an integral part of commute/transportation planning going forward.  So far, they haven’t warranted even a mention, let alone consideration and it’s time we start making them a true part of regional transportation planning.  The private training bill is a good vehicle to possibly reach markets that the regular state program might not reach.

And in additional news, HB 1334 (Concderning conversion kits on motorcycles) passed the Senate, but needs minor reconciliation with the House before it goes to the Governor’s desk.  The only bill that has stalled out is the traffic signal bill (SB 5141), for reasons I have yet to discover.  I will be looking into that issue on Monday before the bill signings, to see if it is feasible to try and get it on the floor before the end of session.  If not, then I will begin to position it to get action as soon as the Legislature goes back into session.

In the mean time, it would be most excellent if all hands could cntact their representatives in the House and ask them to support the bill.

If you don’t know yet who your representatives are, follow this link.

Finally, I want to thank Rolf for posting this for me initially as the great cyber gods saw fit to frown on my digital ignorance and kill my computer access.  I also want to thank Lara for donning her super heroine costume and saving me.

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Ride safely and legislate well,

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