Legislative week in review-1-19-2014

Well, Campers, it’s been a busy week.

The legislature began the short (60 day) session last Monday, and as I indicated, my primary focus was to breath life back into the House and Senate traffic signal bills.  To that end there were lots of meetings with Transportation Committee members, Rules Committee members and staff, and Senior Leadership of both chambers.  Many meetings were formal office type ones, but just as many were walking meetings and encounters in the halls, and the gist of each meeting was twofold; move the bill to the opposite chamber and then move it through the second house.

By the end of the week things were looking fairly good, although getting the House version (HB 1238) looks more likely to happen before the Senate version (SB 5141).  Between the most recent Legislative Action Alert and the Call to Action issued by the Confederation of Clubs, along with a broadcast mail from ABATE of WA, the legislators have been hearing from riders.  Let’s keep the pressure on by calling your representatives and senators again, asking them to support the issue and ask them to support moving the bills to the floor calendar for a vote.

Of course there are many more things on my radar.

  1. The helmet use modification bills (HB 1246 and SB 5143) always brought forward by ABATE of WA.   The House version eliminates the helmet law completely, while the Senate version limits the helmet requirement to under 18.  While the Senate version did receive a hearing last year neither version seems to have any traction, especially in a short session.
  2. New for this year are bills (HB 2495 and SB 6255) to remove the DOT certification sticker requirement.  This is legislation brought forward by the Legislative Action Committee, a new organization of motorcycle riders.  The reason for this particular offering is in response to a large number of helmet inspection stops occurring in areas, a de-facto end run on the anti-profiling law.
  3. Also new for this year are bills (HB 2494 and SB 6256) which sets up a program to certify motorcyclists as road guards.  This would eliminate the need for law enforcement to block cross traffic during large motorcycle events.  Again, this legislation is brought forward by the Legislative Action Committee.
  4. The final new offering, brought forward my no particular organization, is HB 2325, which would exempt motorcycles from being charged weight fees when the registration is renewed.

I’ll get everyone an update next week, unless something comes up sooner.  In the meantime, take some time Monday morning to make the call to your representatives and senator asking for their support in moving HB 1238 & SB 5141 to the floor for a vote.

If you don’t know yet who your representatives are, follow this link.

Until next time,

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations and Junior Blogger

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