Legislative Update & Action Alert 3-9-2014

Good Evening, Campers.

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday the Senate declined to concur with the House amendments to SB 5141, opting instead to ask the House to recede from their amendment.  I do not know why that happened, but I will find out Monday.

Two things can happen now.

  1. The House can recede from the amendment and we move forward from there to the Governor’s desk.
  2. The House can stand fast, sending the bill to a conference committee, which can either come to an agreement, whereby we move forward, or not, whereby the bill is effectively dead.

My intentions are to call in to work and take the day off, head for Olympia, and work the hell out of the issue.  Once I meet with Senator King, hopefully by 07:30, I will go to work on the House and Senate.  My message will be very simple: “No matter which version the legislature wants to bass, it is imperative that they reach some sort of agreement and send the bill to the Governor.”

What needs to happen now is for the troops to call their House and Senate members and ask that they support reaching an agreement with the other chamber on SB 5141 so that it can go to the Governor.

This is the closest we have come in 12 years, and I am afraid that if it dies this time we will lose enough momentum to set the issue back several years.

I will post an update tomorrow, earlier is necessary, about how Monday goes.


If you don’t know yet who your representatives are, follow this link.

Until next time,

Ride safely and legislate well,

“Texas” Larry

Government Relations

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