AMA Action Alert: Federal agency seeks comments on ethanol-blended fuel

The Renewable Fuel Standard proposal announced July 5 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows a slight reduction from the 2017 obligations but does not reflect the agency’s promise to listen to motorcyclists, who have registered a low demand for higher ethanol blends. The EPA should lower the 2018 volumes even further than proposed when the […] [More …]

Legislative action Alert

Attention all hands:  The lane sharing bill (SB 5378) has been pulled to the floor calendar and made eligible for a floor vote.  At the request of Prime Sponsor Senator Sheldon, we need to get on the phones and make the switchboard light up.  Every senator needs to hear from constituents urging the quick passage […] [More …]

Legislative Update 1-30-2017

There are two bills scheduled for hearings today, a helmet reform bill and a bill addressing lane sharing. SB 5156 Motorcycle Helmet Use:  This bill allows for adult freedom of choice for people 18 years old and older.  The underlying language has a provision that requires mandatory liability insurance for any person opting to ride without […] [More …]

Black Thursday 2017

It’s that time of the year again, when the motorcycling community comes to Olympia to meet with their legislators to discuss motorcycling issues. The annual “Black Thursday” event, hosted by ABATE of Washington and the Confederation of Clubs, will be on Thursday January 19th. The active issues for this year: Adult freedom of choice for helmet usage: […] [More …]