Welcome to Washington Road Riders

Our Mission

Washington Road Riders Association promotes motorcycles as first class citizens of our state’s highways, and supports motorcycle safety through education rather than regulation.


WRRA was created by a group of motorcyclists who believe in the power of grass-roots advocacy to effect change.  WRRA is funded solely by its members, and is answerable only to its members.  WRRA is actively involved in educating elected officials, both state and federal, on a variety of motorcycling issues.

But WRRA is not all talk.  Over the past several years, WRRA’s members have been instrumental in achieving passage of laws that favor motorcyclists as well as the defeat of laws unfriendly to motorcycling.  We have achieved this through active lobbying, acting in an advisory role to legislators and regulators, and educating both the motorcycle community and general public on issues that affect those who ride.

WRRA distinguishes itself through careful research into the issues we promote or oppose, and approaching each issue with honesty and integrity.